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Property Investment

A well-chosen investment into real estate is a sure win.

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The right property purchased in the right market at the right time, can bring multiple short-term benefits as well as reaping endless rewards for the future.

At APFG, we specialise in residential real estate and development - from first homes to those fortunate enough to seek multiple properties. We see our clients build their foundations for their families and their wealth portfolios to grow.

Property investors can enjoy predictable cash flow, favorable returns, tax advantages, as well as add diversification to their investment portfolio, and build their wealth and net worth through assets.

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How can you climb the property ladder?


Allow your safety net to grow wider with more assets under your wing

High capital growth

Grow your net worth as property values increase

Secure income

Reliable tenants and regular rent payments will help you pay the mortgage without stressing your current income

Residential property can be a keystone to your wealth-building program.


The APFG Process

Investing in property is never the same as buying your own home. For your home, it’s personal choices for your family and where you want to live, and where you want to grow your roots and settle.
For property investment, it’s a business transaction. And like any business deal, you want to approach it with all the available knowledge and build a positive ROI.
With APFG by your side, you have access to a wide range of options for lending, the latest numbers for interest rates and financing, a nationwide database of properties, and a team of experts alongside you to help you every step of the way.
  • Location

    We continually research the markets for the best states and suburbs for the highest potential of long-term growth.
  • Price Range/Budget

    You’ll work with our team of brokers to know your budget, how much you can borrow, and move quickly through the pre-approval with a full range of interest rates and financial products.
  • Amenities

    Happy tenants are long-term tenants. We want them to enjoy their home and stay in your property. So only work with properties that have met approved standards and that are in desirable locations and close and convenient to adequate amenities.
  • New or Established

    New homes can be beautiful and modern, while older houses have classic aesthetic and charm. What is the right investment for you? We’ll work with you to know which will give you the highest return, least amount of stress, and the most benefits for years to come.

Our Partners

We work with Australia’s leading property and finance brokers to bring you the best possible wealth creation solutions.